Life is short, we have to learn how to enjoy now, the existing life, I think the food is the most essential things. To enjoy the food at the same time, is also in the enjoyment of life.Enough on the history, Benihana’s Jakarta outlet is designed to look like a trendy Japanese village with a spacious interior divided into several areas, the bar, the teppanyaki stations, and the a la carte dining area with a view overlooking the iconic Bundaran Hotel Indonesia landmark.  At first I intended to sit on a table with a view but that part of the restaurant looked to be quite deserted and dark at that time.  After asking the waitress on the specialty menu, she recommended the teppanyaki and to fully enjoy it, it was best to sit at the teppanyaki station where I could watch the chef cooking the food.  And sure enough, most customers appeared to agree with her and so did I.

We've been exclamation, the world has so many food is we have no taste of. There are so many delicious we haven't eaten. All we need to cherish the time. I hope one day I can taste the world all the delicious food.Besides teppanyaki, there are many other dishes on the menu, such as sushi and other Japanese items.  Since I had decided for the teppanyaki, I opted for the filet mignon set.  The meal was tagged at 265k, a slightly hefty price  for Indonesian standard, although it already included the aged tenderloin steak, Japanese onion soup, Benihana salad, shrimp appetizer, hibachi vegetables, steamed rice and green tea.  I also ordered the murasaki grape crush to drink.


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