If you are a NHL fans you must have know such things. But I know that after I can't understand.The NHL’s collective bargaining agreement with the NHL’s Players Association concludesthis September—and already the initial offer from the League sounds eerily reminiscent of the game plan the NBA owners had last year.cheap jerseys wholesale

Imagine. If these things happen to you, what would you do? Lacrosse, you will if deal with this matter.Renaud P.Lavoie of RDS,cheap nhl jerseys wholesale  the French sports network in Canada, reported that they would like to trim the amount of revenue the players receive from 57% all the way down to 46%. Another caveat is that they would like the players to wait a full 10 years before they can become unrestricted free agents.

I think a lot of basketball fans like me. Like the two players. Watching the game when they have been paying attention to them.Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers is the king of the NBA, no doubt about it.  Five NBA championships, 2-time NBA finals MVP, 1-time NBA MVP, 13-time NBA All-Star, 12 consecutive seasons as an NBA All-Atar, 2 Scoring Titles, 10-time All-NBA First Team, 9-time NBA All-Defensive Team and current NBA leading scorer.  He has done it all in his career, he has done it all for the Los Angeles Lakers and he still does it all right now.  Even as the miles continue to pile up, his numbers never seem to fade off at all.  Kobe is in his 16th season straight out of High School, playing in the NBA since the age of 18, all with the Lakers, who have made it to the playoffs every season but one since Bryant joined them back in 1996.I have been paying attention to them, their game I will watch. Even if I missed. Also can find the time to look.

They are my hero. Because I like basketball the sport. Basketball was really important to me.Kobe may still the king of the NBA, however as for fantasy basketball there is a new king, LeBron James of the Miami Heat.Numbers don’t lie, and  NBA championships don’t matter to fantasy owners, only fantasy points do. LeBron James, of the Miami Heat has been the king of kings this NBA fantasy basketball season.  Comparing the numbers between Kobe and LeBron is like comparing two different 5 carrot diamonds, its a privilege.  Bryant is averaging 29.3 points, 5.8 rebounds, 5 assists, 1.2 steals and .3 blocks per game this season.  James is averaging 27.9 points, 8.2 rebounds, 6.9 assists, 1.7 steals and .7 blocks per game. LeBron is statistically the best forward in the NBA and the best player on the Miami Heat.  Kobe is statistically the best guard in the NBA and the best player on the Los Angeles Lakers.  The bottom line is LeBron has been averaging 2 more assists and 2 more rebounds a game than Kobe.  James is also averaging more in 4 out of the 5 major statistical categories than Briant is.  Love, like or hate him, LeBron James is the best fantasy basketball player in the NBA, and that’s the bottom line, cause the numbers say so.  Men Lie. Women Lie. Numbers don’t.

Believe that you will understand more about hockey things.En attendant, une première information, Alexei Emelin a signé un contrat de deux ans et 2M$ par saison avec le Canadien. Arrivé l’an dernier de la KHL, cet ancien choix de troisième ronde s’est établi comme un prometteur défenseur défensif, redoutable par son jeu physique et notamment ses retentissantes mises en échec. Un joueur qu’il fallait absolument retenir pour Marc Bergevin, puisqu’il apporte un élément de rudesse qui manque cruellement au Canadien.

Hockey we all like sport.Avant la première signature officielle, deux autres informations importantes, l’ailier gauche Ryan Smyth a resigné pour deux ans, à 2,5M$ par saison avec Edmonton. Quant au centre Jordan Staal, échangé la semaine dernière de Pittsburgh à Carolina, il s’est engagé avec sa nouvelle équipe pour dix ans et un total de 60M$.

Believe that you understand and many. That's because you like this sport? B: yes. I think so.Having Canada Day on a Sunday is a pretty good deal, actually. A day beforehand to prepare, a chance to go nuts on Canada Day itself, and then a bonus recovery day off work on July 2nd. That works out pretty nicely, so kudos to the Governor General Lord Monck for putting forward the idea of the July 1st celebration and Pope Gregory XIII for the Gregorian calendar. The two have fallen into place quite nicely for a great weekend this year.

I like football. But I found it not understand doing what?Make sure you keep vigilant while partying, though. You can’t rule out the British deciding to invade and reclaim Canada for the British Empire (part deux) while we are all distracted. Sounds crazy? Maybe, but think about the evidence . . .

A few weeks ago the Queens assembled 2,000 boats on the Thames for a Jubilee flotilla. However, substitute the word “fleet” for “flotilla” and the whole thing looks a little more sinister. Has anyone seen them since they sailed past her out towards the Thames estuary? Thought not. Where does the Thames lead . . . the North Sea. Round the North Coast of Scotland and you’re out the North Sea into the Atlantic.  And from there steam due west until you reach the east Coast of Canada! You might have to shimmy around Greenland or the like (who knows, we’re footy people, not Admirals) but it can’t be that hard. Next thing you know, the UK has invaded Halifax while their all up to their eyeballs in Alexander Keith’s!


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