cheap nfl jerseys Baltimore Ravens vs Denver Broncos-? Saturday, 4:30 pm ET, CBS. There will be two major keys in this one. First, can Joe Flacco step up? Flacco has not been a great playoff performer so far in his career, and it’s time for him to officially step up, break out and throw all over Denver on Saturday. If he can’t play at Peyton Manning’s level in this one, whether that’s a?fair?expectation?or not,cheap football jerseys it’s over for Baltimore and for Ray Lewis’ career. As for Peyton, he needs to go no-huddle as much as possible every possession. The Ravens’ defense is old, plain and simple. But it’s a great D when they can make the necessary adjustments and substitutions. Don’t give them that opportunity; don’t let them shuffle guys in and out or give them any breathers. Keep the pass attack going and you end Ray’s career. And that’s exactly what the Broncos will do Saturday afternoon.?? The Prediction: 27-17 Broncos nfl jerseys cheap


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