Believe that you understand and many. That's because you like this sport? B: yes. I think so.Having Canada Day on a Sunday is a pretty good deal, actually. A day beforehand to prepare, a chance to go nuts on Canada Day itself, and then a bonus recovery day off work on July 2nd. That works out pretty nicely, so kudos to the Governor General Lord Monck for putting forward the idea of the July 1st celebration and Pope Gregory XIII for the Gregorian calendar. The two have fallen into place quite nicely for a great weekend this year.

I like football. But I found it not understand doing what?Make sure you keep vigilant while partying, though. You can’t rule out the British deciding to invade and reclaim Canada for the British Empire (part deux) while we are all distracted. Sounds crazy? Maybe, but think about the evidence . . .

A few weeks ago the Queens assembled 2,000 boats on the Thames for a Jubilee flotilla. However, substitute the word “fleet” for “flotilla” and the whole thing looks a little more sinister. Has anyone seen them since they sailed past her out towards the Thames estuary? Thought not. Where does the Thames lead . . . the North Sea. Round the North Coast of Scotland and you’re out the North Sea into the Atlantic.  And from there steam due west until you reach the east Coast of Canada! You might have to shimmy around Greenland or the like (who knows, we’re footy people, not Admirals) but it can’t be that hard. Next thing you know, the UK has invaded Halifax while their all up to their eyeballs in Alexander Keith’s!


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