If you are a baseball fan. You must concern on the all-star game. This for our baseball fans of the game is very important.
Heading into the MLB All-Star break, Aces players have been doing themselves and the team proud in the majors, minors, and foreign leagues alike. Headlined by Travis Blackley’s rise to prominence with the Oakland A’s, several other players have been impressing for their ball clubs.

Learn more about baseball things. This is we have to do.Aces pitcher Travis Blackley has continued his breakout season with the Oakland Athletics heading into the All-Star break. With his record sitting at 2-2, he has become a valuable part of the A’s starting rotation. In seven starts and 10 appearances, he currently has a 2.79 ERA. For the stat aficionado’s, his 1.01 WHIP (calculated by adding the number of walks and hits allowed then dividing the sum by the number of innings pitches) he leads A’s starters in that category.



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