I really like the MLB baseball. I have been watching the game. So I believe very many and I equally great fans. In understand about MLB things.What's the difference between a Yankee stadium a Camden yards? You can always get a hot dog in the October at Yankee stadium.

(my favorite thing in life is to taunt orioles fan. I like it very much. It is the only happy living in Maryland. Their fans are so bitter, so salty, and so bad, their the yankees hate drove me mad.

The worst of it is that the red sox fans take-off and O used them as their second team. Look at Camden yards away a sea of red is disgusting. Baltimore fans never understand stick to your team through thick and thin and I killed them every time. I'm a little miss it. )

You will understand, this is I must, need to solve the problem. I'm sure you can understand.
Then suddenly buck schiavo's began to work his magic coincides the yankees scratch virus. It starts with LuoDeLiGeZi to bring down a hand injury, has been promoting a string Wieters big popular, Jones MVP like clutchness, revival of JJ hardy and rotary, I can tell you what.

Their excellent guy is a man called WeiYe Iraq Chen, he has a 4.06 era and 12 wins. They further Jim. Johnson is the yankees used to kill and he has a age 3 nearby. I had to stop to see statistical data, because based on single data I got hook, the team climb back to compete for the al east.

There is no way, a team with inferior rotation and a team without a guy shot end. 300 should lead the yankees or ray for that matter.



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