My friend and I often scenes.Their lockers are nowhere near each other, although that is more coincidence and a lack of locker space than the need to separate a pair of bitter rivals.

Because the football we became best friends.Rookie inside linebacker Colin Parker went to Arizona State University. Rookie inside linebacker Paul Vassallo went to the University of Arizona. The potential there is for ugly. “They get in fights every single day,” fellow linebacker Sam Acho said. “They can’t stand each other.”

Acho can’t keep a straight face. Despite their college backgrounds, the only fight Parker and Vassallo engage in daily is the one to win a roster spot.

It’s odd, of course. Like many college rivalries, a degree of hate seeps in for awhile. Then Parker and Vassallo end up on the same team in the NFL – in the virtual backyards of their schools – and everything changes.

“You kind of forget – to a certain point – they went to your rival school,” Parker said. “Paul and my relationship is cool. We try to help each other as much as we can. We may be chasing the same roster spot in the end, but right now, he’s my teammate and I am going to help him as much as he helps me.”

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